and quality



IEV intends to ensure the complete compliance of the services provided to the needs of its customers, in terms of technical requirements, punctuality, and flexibility to the needs expressed by customers.

The Management is convinced by the necessity of addressing quality issues by using the concepts of Total Quality and Continuous Improvement.

Quality is therefore considered a strategic value for the achievement of the organization effectiveness, and it is pursued throughout the company's activities through a prevention criterion.

Each company’s activity has the following objectives:

  • Increase the relationship of trust with Customers. Develop the ability to listen and understand, striving for maximum collaboration to correctly assess the needs of the customers to fully satisfy them, and ensure compliance with the requirements. Facilitate the interaction and communication through a direct relationship and a streamlined organization that offers a rapid and comprehensive response capacity.
  • Produce products that fully satisfy Customer's needs in terms of qualitative reliability. Offer up-to-date and adequate technical and technological knowledge and supply customized products and services able to meet the requests of every single customer in their specificity. Take advantage of the experience and know-how acquired over the years to support the customer during the study and development of samples.
    Prepare and keep updated all the documentation needed to determine the technical characteristics and the requirements that the product must satisfy.
  • Always available for continuous updating and adaptation to market trends. Able to redefine products and researching user-friendly materials to follow an increasing need for competitiveness and technological complexity.
  • Use of available technologies, studying plant improvement and development interventions, even designing ad hoc machinery internally and providing the necessary economic and financial resources. Try to keep up with the evolution and technological innovations to constantly optimize working methods, production efficiencies, and products characteristics.
  • Select reliable and competitive suppliers trying to foster a profitable collaboration to be an active part in the definition of the performance and characteristics of the product.
  • Improving the expertises of all operations personnel. Foster individual and organizational learning by promoting effective and efficient work methods.
  • Involve each employee to be always motivated to execute and perform activities with the awareness of their importance and always at the service of common goals. Encourage the spirit of initiative and increase the ability to work in a team, maintaining a productive and good relationships.
  • Constant analysis, optimization, and definition in procedures of the activities, thanks to methodologies designed to prevent errors, avoid waste of time and to ensure the result and quality of work to eliminate the transferring of problems to the next stages of the process.
  • Prepare evaluations and statistics on product and process performance data.
  • Consciously manage the risks that impact the company and at the same time gather opportunities by changing them into improvement initiatives.
  • Know and develop the analysis of the context in which the company operates; identify all the stakeholders, understand their expectations, and orient the entire company to their satisfaction.
  • Analyze the causes that generate non-conformities. Plan and implement corrective actions to reduce critical issues, using the experience and quality history of similar products. Identify and pre-emptively resolve the potential errors and defects.
  • Implement infrastructures adequate for work requirements. Computerize operational and management processes to improve the performance of administrative activities and of the Office. Make relations with the outside world faster and more efficient.
  • Meet the requirements of safety, hygiene, and environmental protection provided by the laws in force at national and international levels.